This website was developed specifically to provide tertiary education staff with a simple, one-stop, 'best practice' starting point to support students with invisible learning difficulties in their transition to, and progress through tertiary education.

It is important to note that this website is NOT about asking higher education staff to identify or diagnose student disabilities. While some of the resources focus on students with ASD, the site is more broadly about providing higher education staff with a 'toolbox' of strategies to manage difficult student behaviour.


This project has been funded by EAIT Faculty, The University of Queensland.

The team members are: A/Prof Lydia Kavanagh (EAIT, UQ), Dr Liza O'Moore (Civil Engineering, UQ), A/Prof Kate Sofronoff (Psychology, UQ), Dr Jamin Day (Psychology, UQ), and Ms Sharon Hinton (Psychology, UQ).

Professor Tony Attwood (Hearts and Minds) has contributed his extensive expertise to both this website and workshops.

Animations used in this website were funded by the Autism CRC.

Where did it start?
Assoc. Prof. Lydia Kavanagh from UQ's Faculty of EAIT discusses the need for 'resources and guidance' for tertiary staff.